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They call us names:
micro, minimal, nano, old school, pico, retro, rock solid, secure, 
simple, stable, straight edge or suckless OS

Several of them we like as they match our philosophy.

Some of our features and goals: 
- lightweight with approximately 5000 source lines of code (SLOC)
- no abstractions or bloated layers  
- no a.out, COFF or ELF but instead flat binaries
- no multi-language support only english and maybe toki pona
- no paging, only dead simple memory management
- no scheduler, one process per core
- no threads, just processes
- no wide characters and only ASCII
- own minimal boot loader
- self-hosting using own compiler with support for a subset of ANSI C
- support for serial console
- support only recent hardware (x86-64)
- support high resolution vesa graphic modes

Anonymous Subversion access:
	# svn co svn://svn.lv0.org/ lv0/

Copyright (c) 2007-2012 lv0 developers.
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